Product Features:

◆It can be connected to an external speed display board to display the speed; it can also be connected to a computer to set drive parameters

◆Double closed loop design of current and speed, large torque at low speed, stable operation;

◆High torque and high speed output, the highest speed can reach 10000rpm/min;

◆Speed regulation mode: 0-5V analog quantity and 10 Hz -300Hz PWM speed regulation, which is convenient for users to use;

◆There are EN (enable), DIR (direction) and other signal input terminals;

◆Can output speed measurement pulse, (photoelectric isolation, gate output);

◆It has protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, and motor blocking;

Electrical performance:

Power supply: AC80~220V AC power supply

Output current: peak 10A

Rated power: 2200W max

Insulation resistance: >500MΩ at room temperature

Insulation strength: 0.5kv under normal temperature and pressure, 1 minute.

Use environmental parameters:

Cooling method: natural air cooling & forced air cooling

Occasion: Try to avoid powder layer, oil mist, and corrosive gas

Temperature: 0℃~+50℃

Humidity: <80%RH

Vibration: Max 4.9m/s²

Storage temperature: -20℃~+65℃

Dimensions: 198*104*86mm

Weight: about 1.2kg

Driver wiring port description




Indicator light


green power indicator light, power on, indicating that the power supply is normal


red status indicator, slow flashing, waiting. fast flashing, running, and it changes with the motor speed, indicator always on for failure or offline

RS232  Communication port


can be connected to an external speed display board to display the speed; it can also be connected to a computer to set drive parameters

Control signal terminal


Control signal power supply positive


External speed control signal, adjust the motor speed through an external potentiometer


Motor speed pulse output, can be converted into the actual speed of the motor by measuring the frequency of this signal


control the motor forward and reverse, connect to GND1, the motor will reverse, when not connected to GND1 , the motor will rotate forward, when switching between forward and reverse, in order to reduce the impact, first set EN to stop the motor


Motor EN control, EN connects to GND1, the motor rotates, if EN is not connected to GND1, the motor does not rotate


Alarm output, when the circuit is in alarm state, output low level (OC gate output)


Control signal power ground

Hall signal terminal


Motor Hall power supply positive


Hall sensor signal U phase input


Hall sensor signal V phase input


Hall sensor signal W phase input


Motor Hall power ground

Motor and power terminal


Motor three-phase output signal, connected to motor winding

AC1, AC2

AC 80V~220V power supply input