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Top quality BLDC Motor/ controllers /Drivers with other accessories for Ebike/Escooter/Industry BLDC Motor/ Robotics. 

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About Us

We Are A Group Of Professional Electronic Engineer

We are a creative and dedicated group of individuals who loves power and freedom. In 2004 we set out to make the perfect hub motor and controllers for Scooter and Bicycle lovers, Drivers for industry motor and robotics, Since then, TECICLO is committed to the innovation and development of high-quality BLDC motor Controllers and has been the top 5 selling with an every growing user base of 20,000+ users each year. We encourage you to try our Controllers/Drivers, it will change your outlook on what a motor controller can do.

We see ourselves as specialists and development partners for brushless hub motor and controllers.And we support our customers with tailor-made solutions to reduce emissions and increase efficiency.