robot in-wheel motor

Hub Motor: 6.5 inch DC brushless gearless hub motor with 1024ppr/4096ppr encoder for robotics

Rated Voltage: 24V
Rated power: 280W
Rated Torque: 10N.m
Motor type: Brushless Permanent Magnet Synchronous hub motor
phase connector: MR30-M
Hall sensor connector: PH2.0-6P (temperature-HC-HB-HA-GND-5V)
Encoder: PH2.0-6P (PWM-Z-B-A-GND-5V) 1024 or 4096 line
nuber of poles: 15 pairs
Diameter : 165mm
Hub thickness: 45mm

4.5inch robot motor wheel

Hub Motor: 4.5 inch DC brushless gearless hub motor with 1024ppr encoder for robotics
Hall sensor: 5 hall sensor
Brake: EBS brake
Motor wheel size: 4.5 inch
Voltage: 24V-48V
Power: 150W-400W
Speed: 300-1500rpm
Tire diameter: 121mm
Load weight: Max 100kg